So you want to take music lessons! Now what?

You've decided that you want to sign up for music lessons.  Do you want to sing? Have you always wanted to play the piano?

Step 1

Research whether you think singing or playing the piano would be a better fit for you.  Both types of lessons require a certain amount of practicing.  Consider if you've ever had any musical training in a particular area.  Did you ever sing in a school or church choir? Did you play an instrument in your school's marching band?

Step 2

If you have decided that piano lessons are a good fit for you, your next step is to purchase an instrument. You will need a piano or a keyboard of any brand or size.  To learn and progress, you must have an instrument for practicing.

If you've decided that voice lessons are the best fit for you, your next step is to set aside a "practice area" at home.  To learn and progress, you must practice.

Step 3

You've made a decision and you have your instrument or practice area set up. Now all you need to do is book a lesson. Call or email us for openings.

What to expect in a lesson

* lessons are specifically tailored to your individual needs and musical ability

* half hour private lessons

* lessons are private, just you and your instructor (parents may observe during the first lesson)
* any proficiency level can progress: beginners through advanced
* two recitals per year (encouraged, but not mandatory)
* relaxed and fun learning environment
* patient instructors
* a course in note reading
* theory (the rules of music) explanations and exercises

* chords and improvisation
* fun songs to help you learn to read music faster
* ear training to improve your natural musical ability
* exercises like scales, arpeggios, Vaccai, Hanon, and Czerny
* servicing New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana
* degree-holding instructors
* over 20 years teaching experience